Three Different Types of Fake IDs

In the past few years, the use of fake identity document has grown by leaps and bounds. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells you that every third student in a school or college has a fake id or has used one. With this being said, how many different types of fake ids are there? What are some of the best changes done in a faux id? Are these questions in your mind? If yes, keep reading. This article focuses on the different types of fake ids.

By understanding the id and your purpose, you will be able to decide on the right id for your purpose. Knowing what every id means is important to make an informed decision. So, sit back, relax and read on.

#1 Brand New Fake ID

Faux Ids with a wrong front

Ids with a fake front is quite common. In fact, this is what most fake id websites and service providers work on. They re-create the front portion of the id and try to make it look real. From the barcode to personal details to the photograph, they would take care of everything. In fact, some fake id websites and sellers are so good that you wouldn’t find a glitch in the card. (They are skilled and perfect in what they do!)

Faux IDs with a perfect front and back

This is quite similar to the fake front id. In this card, the seller takes care of the front and the back. Of course, these services will be more expensive than the first one.Scannable Fake ID, When the front and back of the id is re-created, the card will look real. Aren’t you looking forward for this? It would take a skilled bouncer or a scan machine to different such cards from the real ones.

#2 Altered Faux IDs

Another interesting type of fake ID, which is on the rise would be the altered ones. As suggested by its name, an original card is altered with different details. This could be anything like a different photograph or a changed name.

Most students with tight budgets prefer altered cards over the brand new ones. After all, can every school goer or college student afford 100 to 150 USD for a fake id? These may not be the best fake ids in town, but altered cards can get you into concerts, bars and restaurants.

#3 Someone else’s card

Last but certainly not least, you can borrow someone else’s card. This is also a form of fake id. When you decide to ask someone else for their card, you should ensure that the height, weight, eye color and appearance of the person on the card is similar to you. Be very careful of the ye color and weight.Best Fake ID, These are features any bouncer or security would focus on.

Of course, you can always ask an older sibling for their id. The best fake id for anyone would be a family’s member’s real identity document.

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